Make Extra Money With CashCrate

CashCrate is one of the best free sites to make money on, they have over 1 million members!! They have lots of different ways to make money too and a proven payment record. I have had a lot of success with this site and it is my favorite. CashCrate has full support and a very active forum. You make money by filling out "yes/no" surveys and by referring others.
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Deal Barbie Pays

Deal Barbie Pays pays you cash to do stuff online. Basically you do free offers, surveys and get paid for it. The site also has contests where you can win extra money.
The site has a long track record of successful payouts. They have been in business since April 2006. It is really easy to sign up and then you just go searching through the many pages of offers to find something that suits you. Deal Barbie is currently giving a $5.00 Bonus for Signing Up!!

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Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper
is a very unique and interesting site, they have a great referral program and payout is high. They also have great contests and prizes. You make money by filling out "yes/no" surveys and by referring others.
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Cash Lagoon

Cash Lagoon

Cash Lagoon is an easy site to make money on, you only need to make $2.00 to get paid by paypal, and $5.00 to get paid by check. The site has a great referral program and has a lot of surveys and offers. Free to Join, age 13 & Up. US & International. Sign Up

Squishy Cash

Squishy Cash has tons of surveys, offers, contests, and prizes. They give you a $3.00 bonus for signing up.Free to join, age 13 and up, US & International. Sign Up

Need Money to Help Pay Bills

Everyone is hurting (financially) right now. Recession, depression, call it what you want, the fact of the matter is: there is not enough. Families are expected to work more and get by with less. It's ridiculous. When and where will it end?

After my job took a big hit because of the recession, I started looking for ways to make extra money to pay my bills. After much trial and error, I found some legit and free ways to make money online. This money comes in very handy, making a few hundred dollars a month helps pay my bills and even gives me some spending money.

I will only list sites that are Free to join and actually pay along with Proof of Payments.